2007 Introduce material from Draper

Since 2007, JK has collaborated with Draper Inc., the second largest manufacturer of projection screens in the world. The image quality of our screen has improved with 2D/3D/4K HD fabrics from Draper.


2007 Originator of titanium case

Titanium case was innovated by the cooperation of our R&D team and China’s well-known hardware factory. The technology combines quality aluminium alloy with titanium coating which improves the appearance of product.


2007 Obtained CE certification

Safety and quality are the major concern of JingKe. We ensure our product including motor, power device and remote control are all compliance with the EU quality standard.


2007 Originator of build-in remote control

Build-in remote control fulfilled the requirement of modern users who seek for vogue and simple style of furniture.  After a period of innovation and testing, we have successfully launched remote controls with stable, artistic and durable features.


2008 Originator of rear projection tab-tensioned screens

Tensioned screen is one of the high-end products. A beautiful and smooth screen is the ultimate goal for screen manufacturer. Hundreds of prestigious brands have been stumped by technological incapability in producing a fine rear projection tab-tensioned screen. Through unremitting endeavour, JingKe Hong Kong R&D team has overcome those challenges.


2008 Originator of ST silent screens

A peaceful and pleasant resting place has become a desire for stressful metropolitans. In 2008, JingKe launched screens with ultra-silent motor to bring pleasant life to those video enthusiasts.


2009 Originator of perforated AT motorized tab-tensioned screens

Motorized acoustic transmission screens are the top of our product range. Our quality fabrics imported from the US perform vivid colours and sharp contrast with low sound attenuation.


2009 Perforated AT curved frame screen

The combination of curved and acoustic transmission screens are one of the popular preference of broad customers. We assembled perforated AT fabrics from the US supplier on curved frames to fulfil the market demand.

2010 I-time intelligent remote time-control motorized screens

Intellectualized modern life is the major concept of 21th century lifestyles. JingKe launched I-time smart screens to suit the current trend of intelligent furniture.


2011 Outdoor screens

Starting from 2011, our screens are capable for various outdoor venues. The design is compatible for all kinds of outdoor environment. The strength of our outdoor screens includes antiseptic, waterproof, damp-proof, anti-lighting and aseismic.


2012 Integrated upgrade of 3D/2D/4K

All screens supporting 3D/2D/4K are compatible with the latest 3D projectors. The performance of the ultramodern fabrics is superior to other screens.


2013 Obtained patent for seamless straight-edge cutting technology

The technology of straight-edge cutting for tab-tensioned screens innovated by our R&D team endowed the national practical new-type patent. Patent No.: ZL201320362477.5


2013 Nano ND AT screens

We launched Nano ND (ND: no distance) acoustic transmission screens with the imported nano perforated fabric. Our innovation completely resolved the long standing issue of  Moiré effect, meanwhile eliminated the requirement for distance between the screen and both projector and audiences. What’s more, we enhanced the performance of AT screens.


2014 Resolved Moiré effect on ND4/ND3 AT screens

We eliminated the Moiré effect on AT screens with both ND4 and ND3 material. (ND4/ND3: The 4th/3rd gen. Nano HD perforated fabric)


2015 Obtained patent for circular tube of tab-tensioned screen

JingKe obtained a patent for one of the external design. Patent No.: ZL201530233921.8


2016 Full-covered frame screens

JingKe obtained a patent for full-covered boundless frame design. Patent No.: ZL201530341923.9